Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seeing Blue

Summertime is pretty awesome. Here are a few reasons why:
long, sunny days
lounging by the pool
the greens
the blues
breezy dresses
and bright colored pedicures

My most favorite part of summer (along with everything previously mentioned) are fresh fruits and veggies.

After an afternoon of lying around in the pool, my sister-in-law and I plucked a basket full of juicy blueberries from several plants in the backyard of a neighbor. It’s something I look forward to every summer.

I have a technique that I call “power picking.” My mind goes into a frenzy as I begin to think about all the delicious treats I’ll soon be baking. 

Get in on the fun. Pick your own blueberries in Goshen, Ark. at Blue Haven Farm. You can find them here: Tuttle Road WC 79, Goshen, AR 72745 
and phone them here: 479-751-8987

Saturday, July 2 is your last chance before the season closes! If you can’t get out, you should be able to find fresh blueberries at your local farmers’ market for a few more weeks.

Stay tuned for a recipe post!

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