Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MD's Pasta

MD came across this Light Creamy Alfredo sauce from Classico last June. He created this amazing semi-homemade pasta that I've naturally and oh-so-creatively dubbed ‘MD Pasta.’ Clever!


Nutritional info.

Before we begin with the recipe, I need to emphasize what an amazing cook MD is. Better than me. I have no problem admitting that. He doesn’t either. *Spoiler alert! Next week I’m sharing two of MD’s gourmet meals that are perfect ideas to treat your honey with this Valentine’s day!

Let’s get started. MD began by giving me a mini cooking show while he made dinner Sunday night. He wanted to make sure I emphasized to you sweet readers that this is only a 20 minute meal. He brought his best Food Network performance to our kitchen as he gave me the run through on how quick, easy and delicious this meal is. And, you guys think I get excited about cooking?!


One medium squash
6 large white mushrooms
2-3 cloves of garlic
I jar of Classico Light Creamy Alfredo sauce
1 lb. stuffed pasta
Handful or two of spinach

Begin by chopping up the onion, squash and mushrooms. Mince the garlic and set aside.

Throw the onions and squash in a large skillet to sauté over medium high heat for 4-6 minutes, stirring continuously. Add minced garlic, salt, pepper and diced mushrooms for the last 2 minutes, or until onions are translucent. Add sauce and bring to a boil. Add a handful or two of fresh baby spinach and turn the heat down to low. Let the spinach sit there to wilt. Give it about three minutes. Keep on low and top the skillet with a lid, if you’d like.

Bring a pot of water to boil and add in stuffed pasta of your choice. We’ve done this with both tortellini and raviolis. While both are excellent, I think I may love raviolis more. Choose whatcha love. We used lobster stuffed raviolis this time. 

Boil using packaging directions. When they float to the top screaming that they’re ready to be lifted from the water, drain and add to sauce. Stir and serve. 

This is a great dish to serve to company. By adding in the fresh vegetables, it will trick them into thinking this could possibly be a homemade sauce. Score! 

Come back tomorrow to celebrate Groundhog’s Day with me! I'll be hoping for an early Spring with a sweet treat.



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this looks delicious. I love the addition of squash & spinach with an alfredo sauce! Can't wait to see more of MD's brilliant concoctions!

How lucky are you to have a hubby that cooks?! My Jeff's idea of a home-cooked meal is a turkey sandwich, sun ships & heating up a can of soup. I'm not even joking, God bless him ;)

Christi's Chirps said...

Hi, Ally! It really is so delicious and so simple too! Try it soon! :)
Sandwiches are always BEST when someone else makes them for you! :)